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    Post Infestation: The NewZ Cheat | Hack Information

    Noteable features:
    • Aimbot - With one of the quickest responding aimbots on the market, you'll be able to take down anyone!
    • No Reload - Never ever run out of ammo so you can keep battling!
    • Instant Pickup - You can pickup ANY item instantly, no more worrying if you'll get that sniper in time!
    • Unlimited Stamina - Run FOREVER! Yeah, we mean forever!
    • Time of day changer - Change the time of day to whatever you'd like!
    • One Hit Kill - NEVER worry if you're going to take down the enemy with your last few bullets again!

    • Player ESP
    • Item ESP
    • Line ESP
    • Name ESP
    • Distance ESP
    • Health ESP
    • Bone ESP
    • Box ESP

    Common Questions:
    Which anti-cheat is TheNewZ using?
    - TheNewZ is using a custom anti-cheat called "MLG Anticheat". This cheat is currently UNDETECTED

    Who made this awesome cheat?
    - The creator is drsilva.

    Can I see this cheat in action?

    How can I buy this RIGHT NOW??

    PS: To get the loader for come to the discord server and we give it there .
    Regards drsilva

    newz hack,newz cheats,aimbot,esp,noclip
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