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    DrZv3 - WarZ Emulators Hack (by drsilva)

    Functions on DrZv3

    • NEW: Intant Pickup; Removes the Pickup time
    • NEW: Infinite ammo; shoot forever!(Some Emus)
    • NEW: Invisible; makes you invisible to all players!
    • NO CLIP; move through walls/buildings/objects, you name it!
    • ALWAYS HEADSHOT; this will always result in a headshot even if you shoot someones leg
    • No Fall Damage; fall from anywhere without breaking a sweat!
    • Perfect Bullet; all bullets hit dead center!
    • Legible Name; organizes all items names
    • Silent Aim; never miss a bullet!
    • Enemy Shield; kill everything that approach you!

    The following cheats/hacks are included in all versions of our Warz hack:


    • Aim point(red crosshair where the aimbot is aiming, along with target name)
    • Auto-Switch Target Toggle
    • Visible Targets Only Toggle
    • Configurable Max Distance
    • Configurable Prediction Limit
    • Configurable Aim Bones
    • Critical Distance(targets within this distance take priority over others)
    • Visibility Checks
    • Smart Target Selection
    • Auto Fire, will auto fire when the aimbot acquires a target!
    • Zombie support; use the aimbot vs zombies!
    • Supports first and third person modes!


    • NEW: Legible Items Names[im2]
    • NEW: 3D Boxes
    • NEW: Show player reputation (bandit/megabandit/neutral)
    • Show zombie status (idling/chasing etc)
    • Show player/zombie names
    • Show player/zombie distance
    • Show player/zombie skeleton
    • NEW: Show both player weapon (primary and secondary!)
    • NEW: Show player backpack
    • Player Health Bar
    • Configurable Player Colors(visible, not visible)
    • Configurable Zombie Colors(visible, not visible)

    2D Radar:

    • Shows all players/zombies
    • Configurable Colors
    • Configurable Zoom/Scale Factor
    • Configurable Position


    • Cross
    • Configurable Color
    • Configurable Size


    • Zombie chasing You Warnings
    • Proximity Alert
    • Configurable Distance
    • Configurable for Visible / NotVisible Targets


    • NEW: Nightvision
    • No Sway/Breath
    • No Spread
    • HOT: Instant Hit
    • Instant Pickup
    • Instant Disconnect,with configurable hotkey
    • SUPER JUMP, jump as high as you want!
    • HOT: Force headshot; all shots will be headshots (even if you hit the foot!)

    Profile System:

    • Save Settings
    • Load Settings
    • Auto-Load Settings

    NEW: Anti Cheat Secure:

    • Screenshot Cleaner
    • Video Mode; cheat wont appear in videos


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    New: Silent Aim
    New: Enemy Shield

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