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    Dr-Cheats - Lifetime Subscription Information

    Lifetime Subscription Information

    What it includes:

    • Instant access to the VIP forums.
    • Instant access to ALL available cheats and future cheats.
    • Access to the loader download which can be found here
    • Beta access to cheats which have not been released yet.

    What are the benefits of purchasing lifetime?

    • Beta access to cheats which haven't been released yet.
    • Blue name on the forums.
    • Access to ALL cheats including future cheats which have not been released yet.
    • Purchasing lifetime also supports this great community full of friendly users!

    After purchase instructions:
    • After the purchase of $100
    • Go to this section.
    • Click the "Download" button.
    • Once downloaded, extract it to a folder named anything of your choice.
    • Double click the drCheatsLauncher.exe and run it.
    • Enter your forum username and password to login.
    • Enjoy your cheats!

    WARNING: No cheat provider last's for ever, therefore by you purchasing this product you agree that the website may be shut down which will cause your cheats to not only expire but stop working.

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